Lure talk

”You’re gonna need a bigger rod”

Today I pulled the FRED (Fast Running Extremely Deep diving lure) from the jetty. I needed to know if the tow point was correctly positioned before proceeding to grind the underside of the lip to its final form.

I used a DAIWA Saltist 6500H with 58kg or 128lb test braided line, 200lb test sevenstrand wire leader and a 2-hand heavy spinning rod. And I really needed my two hands to pull the FRED thru the water, it is the world’s largest lipped lure and it is a hard puller.

FRED is a mega sized lure with an attitude and apetite for diving. FRED is a very strong swimmer and diver. Usually I only need to use one hand to pull my lures, but FRED is a different beast.

FRED is a monster, and a tremendous ego booster for everyone that lay their eyes and hands on it.

I expect performance to be beyond the extreme during future trolling tests.



Lure talk


Good Morning! We are currently working on the FRED, Fast Running Extremely Deep running lure. A lipped lure for wahoo and tuna. Some days deep running swimming lures trolled at 12-15 knots seem to work better than skirted trolling lures. But then, we have the HooBit STL, our new line of deep running swimming skirted trolling lures, in three different models. We plan to find out and film the depth going of all our lure designs, this will be done in the near future, using a team of divers. We will then display the results and videos on our website. Cheers, /George