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Mini Daisy Chains + Lipped Diving Plugs = True

Hi folks,

Our team trolled the FRED with a Mini Daisy Chain, and the big plug dived down and swam erratically with it as it was nothing.

From a fish point of view it looks like a big fish chasing smaller fish.

Take care and God bless you!

//Team Salta

Lure talk

It is the little things that count

It is all about the details. Big things often have small beginnings. The difference between good and great is attention to detail.

They say Great things come in small packages.

Check! We received a small package with 2000 pcs of our newest innovation, a split ring’ish kind of thing. They are shiny black and the finish is amazing. These are premium quality ”Black Label” products, made in Sweden to the highest standards.

It is an UHV ultra heavy duty oval ”split ring”, designed to be operated by just your fingers, no split ring pliers needed.

It comes in two versions, but they share the same basic design. Both are same size, same oval shape, and they have the same inwards angled wire end, that makes the ”split ring” easier to open, by placing a ring or a hook eye under it, and just pull it in, automatically using the wire end as a leverage to open it.

Version 1 has an end with double wires, and version 2 has both ends with single wire.

Version 1 can be used to secure swivels or hooks to a lure hanger.

Version 2 can be used for that same purpose, and also connect two swivels to each other, like the main line to a leader.

These ”split rings” can only be made by one very special company in Sweden. Not only do they have the right machine, but the right material (never heard of that material before haha). They also helped us develop this incredible product.

Version 1 we believe has a breaking strength of 500-700 pounds (maybe more), version 2 maybe 400-500 pounds or more.

These will replace heavy duty split rings and snap locks.

They are unbelievably strong, and small (25.5 mm long), and you don’t need tools to open these, just your fingers.

With version 2, one can thread anything thru it by just using his/her bare fingers. Because version 1 has an end with double wire, the spring action is stronger, and you might need a glove on your right hand.

Because of the design (with a spring actuated angled wire end for leverage and the opening distance or gap between that and the opposite wire), you can thread thru wires that are 2.93-2.97 mm or even 3.00 mm in diameter, but you can widen that gap by using a pair of pliers to press back the angled wire end, and thread thru a lot thicker wires.

On October 13, 2021, we filed for a European design patent for both versions, publishing deferred by us until we decide to (just to keep them secret until we filed the US Design Patents).

We enjoy a 6-month world wide priority period from the date of filing the European design patent application. Within this priority period, we may file for design patents application in other countries, and the European filing date counts as the ”First” filing, no matter if anyone files in the US before we do.

In another development, today we will receive the first prototype made of our FRED lipped trolling plug. We will tell you more about that.

Stay tuned for some serious offshore fishing innovations.


Lure talk

Counting down to launching the worlds 1st ever Hybrid-Head skirted trolling lure

Salta is the 1st and only company in the world today, capable of designing and manufacturing Hybrid-Heads, the world’s 1st constantly diving and swimming skirted trolling lures.

With my legacy HooBit® 10” plug I realised that I had designed a very powerful swimmer.

It’s the only hard body diving trolling plug design suitable for transforming into a skirted trolling lure. It has the right streamlined low profile form, shape and size, which gives it the unique ability to dive and swim with medium to large sized rubber skirts, at all practical trolling speeds.

I made 3 slightly different shaped prototypes, all with the same optimal length & the power to move skirts. I found that small but distinct changes to the form resulted in different swimming and diving properties and max trolling speeds.

The HooBit® STL 14 in the photo, is the most erratically swimming of the 3, with a max sustained unassisted trolling speed of 14 knots

The STL 20 has a tighter swimming motion, the same swimming threshold as the STL 14, but with a max sustained unassisted trolling speed of 20 knots

The 3rd Hybrid-Head, our crown jewel that we will launch this summer, swims with lower drag at all speeds up to 19 knots, and is very easy to skirt

US Pat No. D912,197 & D888,881
US Pat Pend No. D29/727,985

Lure talk

Transforming the skirted trolling lure industry

We are about to transform the skirted trolling lure industry.

For the first time ever a continuously diving and swimming skirted trolling lure will run the oceans.

Wire this lure we are combining high-tech innovation with craftsmanship.

Working close together will Nelson Custom Trolling Lures, and master lure artist Capt. Douglas Nelson, every lure will be unique as we do all the inlays ourselves by hand. Inlays such as mother of pearl (MOP) and Thin Lam.

Every lure will be made with pride in the USA at our own factory in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

All materials have been carefully selected.

Lure shells are made of uniquely ultra thick Polycarbonate, the toughest plastic material invented by mankind, and produced by Marlborough Plastics Inc., CT, USA.

The other materials we keep secret until launch 🚀

Lure talk

The ”crown jewels” have been delivered

Salta Lure Company AB recently took delivery of the first samples of the HooBit STL Hybrid shells.

Marlborough Plastics Inc., in Marlborough Connecticut, managed to surpass all our expectations and achieved something unique.

We look forward to introduce the Skirted Trolling Lure Hybrid to the world.

Innovative lures for dedicated fishermen.

Lure talk

Something quite new

Today we received a picture from Marlborough Plastics Inc. in Connecticut, USA, showing the first sample of our new skirted trolling lure hybrid.

The shells are clear, as they have been made of the finest crystal.

This marks the beginning of a new era in lure design.

The HooBit STL Hybrid is the world’s first ever continuosly diving and swimming skirted trolling lure. An all-speed lure capable of swimming from 0.5 to 19 knots.

The HooBidt STL Hybrid has been licensed to Salta Americas Inc., based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Only the best and strongest materials and hardware are used for the lure.

The body is made of up to 5 mm thick Polycarbonate, one of the strongest materials ever invented by mankind, Mustad 7332 SS 10/0 stainless steel hook, AFW 390 lb stainless steel ball bearing swivel, skirts from Blue Ocean Manufacturing, colors schemes and pattern designs from Nelson Custom Trolling Lures.

The lure shells are ultrasonically welded together.

No expenses have been spared to give dedicated and serious fishermen the best lure there is.



Lure talk

The HooBit Hybrid STL is the world’s first ever diving and swimming skirted trolling lure

Thank you Mr. Mikael Aikio, our engineer at TEBIS AB for completing the CAD-geometry. You did a fantastic job.

The Hybrid STL lure design was completed yesterday and delivered to our US manufacturers for validation and approval.

Thank you Mr. Niklas Steding, our long-time engineering consultant and 3D-specialist at the engineering firm Stedings Consulting AB.

To complete the internal geometry and design, particularly that of the ultrasonic welding joint, we received invaluable help from the Swedish company AGARIA AB, supplier of products and services fulfilling all needs regarding all types of plastic welding techniques.

Thank you AGARIA AB.

We have exciting times ahead of us.

Lure talk

We are teaming up with Gavin Erwin, a most talented fish artist

We welcome fish artist Gavin Erwin, South Africa, to the team. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Gavin will design the color patterns for the centerplate in the Hybrid skirted trolling lure.

He will also design the graphics for the clothing, apparel, stickers and merchandise.

Gavin will design the graphics for the lure package and the printed matter inside, as well as the stickers.

He wil design some more things that we will keep secret for a while.


Lure talk

We are teaming up with a most talented US lure artist

We are honored to have a new partner and Head Color Designer. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with one of the most talented Custom Trolling Lure artists in the USA.

Lure talk

Hybrid-Head injection molding tools

We are in talks with a manufacturer for the production of injection molding tools and manufacturing of the Polycarbonate shells.

We are also in talks with a master lure artist and manufacturer of hand made lures, that will hand paint and color the Hybrid-Head.

These are exciting times my friends.