Lure talk

Transforming the skirted trolling lure industry

We are about to transform the skirted trolling lure industry.

For the first time ever a continuously diving and swimming skirted trolling lure will run the oceans.

Wire this lure we are combining high-tech innovation with craftsmanship.

Working close together will Nelson Custom Trolling Lures, and master lure artist Capt. Douglas Nelson, every lure will be unique as we do all the inlays ourselves by hand. Inlays such as mother of pearl (MOP) and Thin Lam.

Every lure will be made with pride in the USA at our own factory in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

All materials have been carefully selected.

Lure shells are made of uniquely ultra thick Polycarbonate, the toughest plastic material invented by mankind, and produced by Marlborough Plastics Inc., CT, USA.

The other materials we keep secret until launch 🚀