Lure talk

Counting down to launching the worlds 1st ever Hybrid-Head skirted trolling lure

Salta is the 1st and only company in the world today, capable of designing and manufacturing Hybrid-Heads, the world’s 1st constantly diving and swimming skirted trolling lures.

With my legacy HooBit® 10” plug I realised that I had designed a very powerful swimmer.

It’s the only hard body diving trolling plug design suitable for transforming into a skirted trolling lure. It has the right streamlined low profile form, shape and size, which gives it the unique ability to dive and swim with medium to large sized rubber skirts, at all practical trolling speeds.

I made 3 slightly different shaped prototypes, all with the same optimal length & the power to move skirts. I found that small but distinct changes to the form resulted in different swimming and diving properties and max trolling speeds.

The HooBit® STL 14 in the photo, is the most erratically swimming of the 3, with a max sustained unassisted trolling speed of 14 knots

The STL 20 has a tighter swimming motion, the same swimming threshold as the STL 14, but with a max sustained unassisted trolling speed of 20 knots

The 3rd Hybrid-Head, our crown jewel that we will launch this summer, swims with lower drag at all speeds up to 19 knots, and is very easy to skirt

US Pat No. D912,197 & D888,881
US Pat Pend No. D29/727,985